Blatt & Blüte

Our diploma project at Die Graphische Vienna was a branding for a catering and bakery called Blatt und Blüte (Leaf & Bloom), which was planning to open their own coffee shop in Vienna in 2017. Their products are all self-made, organic, have regional origins, and are only vegetarian and vegan.

We focused on appearance features, such as professional, aesthetic, and consistent realization of design that were determined by detailed discussions and getting to know what values and ideas Blatt und Blüte wanted to represent. The minimalist style of photography is employed as a stylistic device in order to draw attention to the products, while the playful corporate design offers a friendly contrast. The lines and elements of the design allude to the personal craftsmanship of the two bakers. The corporate design in combination with the photographs intends to boost public notoriety of Blatt und Blüte and leave a lasting impression.

Visit the current HTML version of Blatt & Blüte’s web design by clicking on the link below.
Food Photography & Portraits: Nadja Hudovernik, Dina Grojer
Illustration and Logo: Melanie Moina

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